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Pinwheel helps parents guide their kids to a healthy relationship with technology.

Dane Witbeck, Pinwheel’s CEO and father of four, founded the company in 2019 after his 8-year-old son's best friend got an iPhone. Witbeck and his team created Pinwheel’s unique operating system to support children's growth into adulthood by allowing parents to customize the phone's features. Parents can manage contacts, monitor communications and choose apps to set up the phone for their child's experience level, then unlock additional functionality as they grow.

The first Pinwheel phone sold in 2020 and has grown to serve tens of thousands of families across the country. In 2024 Pinwheel expanded to serve Canadian families as well.

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Latest News


Pinwheel Launches Canada's First Kid-Safe Smartphone

Pinwheel, maker of the best-selling Pinwheel smartphone for kids, announced today that its popular smartphone for kids is now available for sale in Canada, making it the first smartphone designed specifically for safe use by children ages 8-14 available to families there. .... >Read More

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Phone Upcycling Program Prevents Adult Phones from Going to Kids or into the Landfill 

Pinwheel, maker of the best-selling Pinwheel smartphone for kids, announced today the launch of its Hand It In Phone Upcycling Program, which allows parents to send in their old phone and get a kid-specific phone at a discounted price for their children.... >Read More


First Kid-Safe, Parent-Monitored AI Chat Bot Powered by ChatGPT

Pinwheel, maker of the best-selling Pinwheel smartphone for kids, announced today the launch of PinwheelGPT, the first child-safe AI chat app powered by ChatGPT that enables parental monitoring. The new, free PinwheelGPT app will be available on any device (including Pinwheel phones) through a mobile app, or via a mobile or desktop web browser.... >Read More

Discord's New Safety Tools

Imagine that your local local movie theatre showed everything from the latest Pixar hit to film pornography. A single ticket allows anyone--even children---to enter the front doors and then choose a theater room. Which one shows porn? That's not clear until the movie starts, but somebody is handing out candy for entering theater 9.

Discord is like that....>Read More

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